Class Types


  • Barre - A 55 minute low impact little movements sculpting your total body.
  • Barre Stretch - Consists of 30 minutes of low intensity barre and 25 minutes of stretching.
  • Meditative Pilates - A slow paced 55 minute mat pilates class. Working to activate core using breathing techniques and precise movements. This class concludes with fifteen minutes to guided meditation to enhance wellness and relaxation.
  • Beginners Pilates - A 55 minute slow paced pilates class perfect for beginners and seniors.
  • Pilates Ball Fit - A 55 minute true hybrid class using various forms such as aerobics, strength training, endurance training and pilates. This class will raise your heart rate and stimulate core activation by doing the class on a balance ball. The presence of the ball encourages your inner child to come out and enjoy a deceptively thorough workout.
  • Express Pilates - 30 minutes of intermediate pilates.
  • Express Barre - 30 minutes of barre.


  • Yin Yoga - A 55 minute slow-paced, meditative and mat-based. We begin with a brief meditation and then move through a series of poses that are held for 1 to 3 minutes each, some for 5 minutes.
  • Yoga Inspired Stretch - This relaxing 55 minute class is filled with modifiable stretches and some yoga poses to lengthen and stretch your body.
  • Meditation - Lay down unwind and relax in this 30 minute meditation class. Close your eyes and listen to our instructor guide you through a relaxing reading letting go of all that is weighing you down.